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Rising demand for computer chips and graphics cards fueled by AI

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Rising demand for computer chips and graphics cards fueled by AI

The tech world is spinning fast, and with the AI revolution kicking into high gear, gamers might find it harder to snag top-tier computer chips and graphics cards. It’s a new era, with AI putting the squeeze on the gaming PC market.

Richard Noble, the co-director of Aftershock PC Australia, is in the eye of this storm. He’s got the lowdown on why gamers are facing a gear crunch. It’s not about material shortages. Instead, manufacturers are playing it smart, tightening supply to prevent a price crash.

Noble spilled the beans to “The prices of SSDs and RAM? They’ve hit rock bottom in the last year,” he says. To stop this price plunge, manufacturers are deliberately slowing down supply. They’re playing the long game, letting demand simmer before tweaking the prices.

Then there’s the graphics card saga. Remember the crypto craze? That was child’s play compared to what AI’s doing now. “It’s an exciting time for AI, sure, but not so much for gamers,” Noble admits. Those dreamy graphics cards are being snapped up by AI giants, leaving gamers in the lurch.

It’s a sea change from the crypto-driven frenzy of yesteryears to today’s AI-centric rush. Graphics cards, once the darling of gamers, are now the hot ticket for AI ventures.

Aftershock PC isn’t just sitting back. They’re tackling these challenges with gusto, committed to serving their diverse clientele.

Despite the crunch in SSDs, RAM, and graphics cards, Noble sees a silver lining. “It’s actually a fantastic time for PC buffs. Prices are at a sweet spot,” he notes.

Aftershock’s mantra? Customization for all. They’re all about helping everyone, from gaming veterans to newbies, make their PC dreams a reality. “We want everyone to feel they can make their PC uniquely theirs,” Noble says.

In this changing landscape, Aftershock PC is a beacon for those looking to make their mark in the world of custom PCs.

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