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Google search about to get an AI overhaul

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Google search about to get an AI overhaul

Google’s shaking things up in the digital realm, ready to unleash AI chat features into the heart of its search engine.

This move is a game-changer, designed to keep Google in the race as a swarm of new AI tools threatens its online throne for the first time in ages.

This Wednesday, Google dropped a bombshell. They’re rolling out a revamped Google Search, juiced up with an AI chatbot. This bot’s got the brains to tackle questions you never imagined Google could answer, making information hunting faster than ever.

Get ready for a fresh look and feel in your Google Search results. Now, when you drop a query in the search bar, an AI-generated response will pop up alongside the usual results.

Eager users can hop on the waitlist for this snazzy new Google Search, starting in the U.S. on Google’s app or Chrome’s desktop browser. A lucky few will get early access in the coming weeks.

Google unveiled these updates at I/O, their annual developer bash. This year, it was all about a dazzling mix of AI and hardware goodies.

The spotlight also shone on PaLM 2, Google’s latest AI language model. It’s set to give ChatGPT-creator OpenAI’s GPT-4 a run for its money. PaLM 2 isn’t just smarter; it’s a whiz at logic, common sense, and even math. Plus, it can whip up code in various programming languages.

Google’s not alone in this AI scramble. Rivals like Microsoft are hustling to inject AI features into search engines and productivity tools, riding the ChatGPT hype wave. In fact, ChatGPT’s buzz had Google hitting the “code red” alarm for its search business.

But there’s more. Google’s expanding Bard, their standalone chatbot. Bard’s your new digital buddy, ready to brainstorm essay ideas, plan events, or conjure up lunch options based on your fridge contents. Initially a U.S. exclusive, Bard’s going global, hitting 120 countries in 40 languages.

And Bard’s getting even better, with add-ons from Google’s own Gmail, Sheets, and Docs. Imagine chatting and collaborating with Bard right in the apps you’re using.

Yet, diving into AI chatbot territory has its pitfalls. There are concerns about tone and accuracy, crucial for a search engine that’s been Google’s bedrock.

CNN got a sneak peek of the new AI-powered Google Search. It swiftly dished out answers on bees’ role in our ecosystem, hotel amenities, and local chess camps for kids. The results, topped with highlighted sources, were mostly spot-on, but not flawless. A search for New York’s best pizza spots mistakenly served up San Francisco eateries.

Cathy Edwards, Google’s VP of Search, admits it’s still early days. Google’s in learning mode, tweaking and refining as they go. They’re determined to smooth out any rough edges before going full throttle.

“We don’t want to bring this experience to everyone until we’re sure we’ve nailed it,” Edwards said. Google’s on a mission to merge AI smarts with its search prowess, but they’re playing the long game, aiming for perfection.

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