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AI could make scams harder to detect according to Apple co-founder

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AI could make scams harder to detect according to Apple co-founder

Apple’s very own Steve Wozniak, the tech legend who helped kickstart the company with Steve Jobs, is sounding the alarm on artificial intelligence.

Woz, as he’s known in Silicon Valley, has a big worry: AI could be a playground for scammers and spreaders of false information.

Chatting with the BBC, Wozniak shared his take on AI’s darker side. He’s concerned that the tech could fall into the wrong hands, giving “bad actors” a powerful tool to deceive. His solution? Clear labels on AI-generated content and some solid regulation for the industry.

Back in March, Woz joined forces with Elon Musk, signing a letter that urged putting the brakes on the development of ultra-powerful AI models. Wozniak’s a heavyweight in the computing world – he’s the guy who engineered the first Apple computer.

Talking to Zoe Kleinman, the BBC’s Tech Editor, Wozniak opened up about AI’s pros and cons. He’s impressed by AI’s smarts but wary of its potential for misuse. AI, he points out, can be a dream for tricksters, creating texts that sound convincingly human.

Wozniak doesn’t think AI will replace humans – it lacks that human touch, emotion. But, he warned, AI will make scammers more believable. Programs like ChatGPT can whip up text that’s sharp and sounds super intelligent.

When it comes to responsibility, Wozniak’s clear: humans need to own up to what AI churns out. He’s calling for regulations to keep big tech companies in check. But he’s not holding his breath. Wozniak’s seen how the pursuit of profit often trumps ethical concerns.

“We can’t stop the technology,” Wozniak says, reflecting on lessons from the dawn of the internet. His message? We might not be able to halt AI’s march, but we can arm people with the know-how to spot fraud and protect their personal information.

Meanwhile, Apple’s current chief, Tim Cook, told investors that a cautious, thoughtful approach to AI is key. “AI is huge,” he said, and Apple’s weaving it into their products with care. It’s a tech tightrope, balancing innovation with responsibility, and even industry titans like Wozniak and Cook are navigating it with caution.

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